Cognitive BehaviourAL COACHING (CBc)

Cognitive BehaviourAL COACHING (CBc)

We can integrate Cognitive Behavioural Coaching into our work together.  Using the principles that Cognitive behaviour Therapy uses in clinical settings as used within the NHS. 

Evidence supports and shows that CBT can be effective in treating and managing, several issues and challenges such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger and emotional regulation in children, young people and adults.

Cognitive therapy designed to change people’s thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and expectations. Behavioural therapy designed to change how people act. The way we feel about a situation affects how we act and our actions can affect how we think and feel. So, we work at changing both how we think our cognition and how we behave at the same time.  

We will work together to identify how issues affect you emotionally, psychologically, physically through behavioural coaching  will work and address your thoughts, feelings and thinking patterns.

CBC complements NLP too as they both work on thought processing and exploring ways that change negative thinking patterns to positive thinking. Helping you to manage your emotions and feelings so that you feel empowered to continue to face adversities that present in life.