Empowering Mind Therapies

Your Mind is Incredible let it work for You……. Empower it.

Napoleon Hill

You either control your mind or it controls you.”

“I had a Breakthrough day with Corrine in relation with my weight problems. With her help I came to understand better the underlying issues related to my eating habits and lack of motivation in correcting them.”


a perfect & happy place

“She listens really well and is very empathetic and understanding in her approach. She makes you feel very safe; can build rapport very quickly and has really great questioning and communication skills. Lots of knowledge about a wide range of coaching interventions and support available.”
“Her style is gentle and kind and she made me feel safe and relaxed. We also had some fun moments during the day that helped a lot to make the whole process really enjoyable. Since our day together I have been feeling much more motivated and in control around food and I have been able to change some of the old habits/patterns that needed to be addressed. I definitively feel more confident in my ability to reach my weight goals now. Thank you Corrine!”
“I worked with Corrine throughout our NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnosis training, I found myself gravitating towards her during the exercises because she has such a warm and friendly manner and is a natural people person.”