Neurodiverse / Additional Needs / SEND

Neurodiverse / Additional Needs / SEND

Empowering Minds Therapies are excited to offer our new Mindful Touch Therapies and Relaxation

Our mindful touch therapies in our inclusive, relaxed nurturing environment will increase, support, promote and encourage happy hormones, the activities and therapies are scientifically proven to help with self-regulation, improve sleep, boost memory, attention, focus, encourage communication, support and motivate positive minds, they support resilience, promote positive social, emotional and mental wellbeing. Our activities can help improve decision-making, confidence, support depression, anxiety, promote calmness, peace, relaxation encouraging empowerment. Stimulates Oxytocin for (Love and Nurture); Serotonin for (confidence, self-esteem and happiness); Dopamine for (motivation and pleasure); Endorphins for (pain relief). These therapies have proven scientific results with children, young people, adults and families with additional needs as well as anecdotal research.

They could be a blend of therapies below as well as stand alone. They are uniquely personalised and tailored to meet individual needs.

Therapies / Activities Available

  • Sound Activities
  • Music Activities
  • Play and Sensory activities
  • Story Telling
  • Story Massage
  • Fun Yoga
  • Art Work
  • Card Games
  • Mindful Touch
  • Therapy (hot stones can be used too)
  • Self-Massage game activities
  • Sensory indoor and garden therapy
  • Positive mindset cards, games and activities
  • Mindfulness Activities
  • Colour mood Activities
  • Meditation Activities


We will play and have fun in our empowering space / outdoor empowering nurturing garden this offers sounds from trees, birds, chimes, water. We will make use of instruments such as drums, chimes, wood shakers, rain sticks, Tibetan singing bowls creating beautiful and powerful sounds to aid a healthier life, soul and body. These sounds can all invoke a deep state of relaxation, lowering stress and anxiety levels, boosting positive healthy minds and bodies. Sounds that stimulate and can exercise the whole brain. Sound and music reset the body and mind and are part of mindfulness and yoga which is one of the few activities that can stimulate the whole brain, also stimulating the second/enteric brain in the gut that holds on to fear, trauma and anxiety. Sound floods the body with the hormone serotonin.

Sounds help us drop as far as theta and delta levels which helps with our body’s immunity, stress levels, anxiety, focus, relationship, and pain. Backed by scientists such as Dr Margret Patterson, Dr Emoto who played sounds to water and researched the different effects of negative and positive sounds on water when frozen. He discovered that positive sounds created unique and intricate crystals, and water with negative sounds or unpleasant music were unable to form crystals when frozen.

Touch Therapy

The importance of touch has been proven for decades by several scientists like Dr David Linden, Tiffany Field, Harry Harlow’s experiment with the Rhesus monkeys back in the 1950s where he discovered that monkeys who were groomed, touched regularly and nurtured had bigger brains, had greater emotional intelligence and much better social skills and were physically healthier. Other scientists like Michael Meaney and Darlene Francis proved that rats, whose mothers licked and groomed them regularly as babies grew up to be calmer, and had stronger immunity were more resilient to stress, bonding was more positive, and they displayed better emotional and social skills.

“To touch is to give Life” – Michelangelo



Our story massage sessions and activities are wonderful and engaging, they support and help with sensory overload story telling helps to widen our horizons melts boundaries, it has been proven that when we are emerged in a story our brains flood with cortisol, oxytocin, dopamine and the whole-body surges with serotonin our happiness hormone. You are welcome to bring your own favourite story too.

Parents and carers can join in a session, or you can leave your child.
We offer the above as 1-1 bespoke sessions.

After your enquiry and an initial phone consultation, we will offer you a free 30 mins session to meet with you and your child.
We offer sessions from Tuesday – Saturday (10am – 7pm)
Holiday Sessions Available (Prebooked)
A minimum of 4-5 sessions are advised for benefits.
Block Bookings, Term Bookings and Holiday Bookings are to be made in advance for consistency and to guarantee availability.

Prices:  Please Enquire 

 A 5% discount available on Block Bookings of 4 or more sessions and discretionary discounts can be given too.