Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy


We could also integrate time line therapy into your coaching, time line therapy is a powerful therapeutic process which involved from hypnosis and NLP it is a safe linguistic coaching tool.

 A technique that was developed by Dr Tad James that can enable you to very quickly and easily release and let go of negative emotions from events in the past, eliminate limiting decisions from the past and literally put goals into your future in a way you want them to.  It enables you to release and clear chains of emotions rather than one at a time as most other emotional techniques do. 

 We work on releasing the emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, and any limiting beliefs you may have.   

Time line therapy can help you to release negative emotions attached to the past, which can lead to improved mental, emotional and physical wellbeing creating a positive future.

Time line therapy is based on the premise that all learning, behaviour and change is worked on at an unconscious level.