About Me

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About Me

I am the founder of Empowering Mind Therapies Ltd.

For the past twenty-five years, I have had a passion for working with children, young people and families. In particular I have always loved making a positive difference to the people I have worked with.

My goal through Empowering Mind Therapies is simply to try my best at improving the lives of the people I work with. So that you can truly believe that you are brilliant, gorgeous, talented and a fabulous human being.

I am an intuitive coach who adapts a personalised approach to every client I work with drawing upon my broad life and work experiences and my extensive qualifications.

I am also proud to be a woman of colour belonging to a mixed-race heritage background of white and African parents and understand the complexities that people can sometimes experience due to this.

I am also a parent myself and mother to 5 children and have had my fair share of personal life experiences such as parenting issues, feeling stuck, limiting beliefs, stress, anger, fear. So you can also feel comfortable in the knowledge that I can relate with you on several life adversities as well being able to identify with different races and identities.

I am a friendly warm and loving individual and especially love having a laugh, enjoying life and all it offers. I have also spent many years as an employee in several environments, working with social services, schools and private agencies.

I set up and took another leap forward in my life and created my empowering space.

This allows me to deliver therapeutic coaching in a relaxing, natural and calming environment. (Your mind, empower it….)